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The Pollen Box kit.

The Pollen Box kit.

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I needed a way to isolate my pollen collection, and collect in larger quantities for sharing, or resale.

I needed a way to keep it dry during the collection process. 

A way to keep the pollen separated from the petals and stems.

So I gathered the materials together to make an awesome pollen collection box that will dry out the flowers fast, and keep the pollen dry until collected for storage.

This kit has been in High demand, so I thought I would offer it all in one spot.

What it contains: 

1 Foldable Pollen Box

1 mini dehumidifier that can do 100 SQ FT.

1 Full STS kit

1 STS refill

1 Heavy Duty Trim Tray with fan brush.

All you need is a place to keep it and an electrical plug-in for the dehumidifier.

Dimensions and more details in the pictures.

Thank you for your support!!!

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